Johannesburg Africa’s most visited city for second year, says study

SA’s economic hub Johannesburg will retain its title as Africa’s most visited city for the second year in a row, a study has shown.Johannesburg+Joburg+XXX

“Johannesburg is set to be the most popular destination city in Africa for the second year, followed by Cape Town,” the latest destination index published by MasterCard on Thursday showed.

At least 4.3-million people are expected to have visited the city by the end of next month, a 4.9% increase over last year’s 4.1-million visitors.

The tourists are expected to spend about $3.2bn compared to $3.06bn last year.

The study ranks 132 cities worldwide in terms of international visitor arrivals and their spending.

Johannesburg is followed by Cape Town, which should get 1.6-million out-of-towners as the second destination of choice in Africa.


Trailing Cape Town is Cairo in Egypt with an expected 1.35-million visitors, followed by Nigeria’s Lagoswith 1.33-million, and then Morocco’s Casablanca with slightly under a million tourists.

Globally, London tops the list for the third time, followed by Bangkok, Paris, Singapore and Dubai, according to the study.