Joice Mujuru stole part of missing $15billion diamond fortune :Jonathan Moyo

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Zanu PF spin-doctor Professor Jonathan Moyo alleges former Vice President Joice Mujuru is hiding a chunk of the “missing” $15billion in her books of accounts.

Moyo this month warned Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) supporters not to make too much noise on the “missing” $15 billion diamonds money as their leader is soon to be revealed as being part of the people who looted the diamond revenue.

Moyo controversially suggested on his twitter account that there is evidence linking Mujuru with the missing funds.

His comments came 14 days into Mujuru rival, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s charges this week that he is now busy investigating government corruption specifically during the time Mujuru was in power.

Moyo wrote, “Careful. Your embattled leader supervised economy ministries & is part of the $15bn Chiadzwa story.
Watch this space”.

Professor Moyo made this claim in response to opposition parties’ (ZimPF included) demands that the Robert Mugabe led ZANU PF government must pay back $15 billion dollars reportedly looted from the country’s diamond revenue.

President Mugabe revealed last month during his 92nd birthday interview with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation that the country received less than $2 billion out of a possible $15 billion from the Chiadzwa diamonds where more than five companies were licensed to operate.

Mujuru who served under President Mugabe’s government for 24 years and 10 years during the diamond years, is reportedly holding an estate running into 8 billion dollars, according to ZANU PF.

Other opposition parties feeling the Mujuru threats have also continually linked her to self enrichment through the looting of national resources.

The former Vice President in her response, has dismissed the allegations saying they are false and if she was ever guilty, Mugabe would have arrested her by now.-Online

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