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Jonathan Moyo dumps the MDC to revive G40

by reporter263

Jonathan Moyo, the only member of G40 faction of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front who continues to be active through twitter, seems to have dumped the Movement for Democratic Change led by Nelson Chamisa as he now says the most strategic fertile ground for change in Zimbabwe is through G40.

Moyo, who went into exile in 2017, says Chamisa won the 2018 presidential poll because of the support he got from former President Robert Mugabe and G40 but was robbed.

Chamisa, however, lost the election result challenge at the Constitutional Court.

In a tweet that seemed to mark his shift from the MDC, Moyo said: “FACTS ONLY: the overwhelming majority of G40 in ZanuPF’s leadership and membership ranks were neither expelled nor left the party after the 2017 Army coup. They are in it. It’s precisely for this reason that the most strategic fertile ground for change in Zim is the ZanuPF base!”

Responding to the tweet, Oswell Chitsa said, Moyo’s point was “Change can only come from Zanupf, its still divided and G40 is the only group that could effect that change”.

BryanMartin responded: “Prof venyu avo vakubuda musaga manje, he is not with the people he never will be. His dna is zanu pf” to which Moyo responded: “If you think ‘THE PEOPLE’ are synonymous with your political party; then you are a danger to the rights of Zimbabweans under section 67 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and to civilised society itself. Zimbabweans need not be in your MDC to deal with ZanuPF and transform Zim!”


When told by the Patriot that the challenge with his statement was that it was not scientific as one could not prove that G-40 was not a shelf idea, a figment of imagination by the 5 or so who were labeled G40, Moyo responded: “G40 is not & has never been a group; I introduced it as a demographic description of a population segment but it has since morphed to mean a political disposition in ZanuPF, which is anti the politics of entitlement, anti impunity, anti Mnangagwa & anti-what ZanuPF has become!”

Asked by Sithole Josphat if he was not back to working to change ZANU-PF from within, Moyo said: “At the risk of being wrong, let’s assume you’re a rational person: how many times do you want to be told that ZanuPF cannot be reformed, whether from within or from outside? How many times do you want to be told this fundamental truth that now speaks for itself?” – Insider

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