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Jonathan Moyo Explain Apology To ZANU PF

by reporter263

Self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo said he has not yet applied to rejoin ZANU PF.

Last week Moyo and another former ZANU PF member Patrick Zhuwao wrote a joint letter apologising to ZANU PF members for being associated with the #ZanuPFMustGo hashtag.

Speaking during a recent interview with The Standard, Moyo said their letter was directed to ZANU PF members and ZANU PF officials, therefore, the issue of rejoining the party does not arise. He said:

The apology letter that Patrick Zhuwao and I wrote to ZANU PF members was not an application to rejoin ZANU PF, it was what the letter says it is, and the contents thereof are self-explanatory.

There’s no need to jump the gun, which made us jump borders in November 2017.

You say that the “party has suggested” that we are welcome to rejoin, but if it is a suggestion as you put it, then it is just that, a suggestion.


I’m not familiar with the politics of suggestions.

The bottom line is that you do not cross any river which is not in front of you.

The joining and re-joining narrative is coming from busybodies, trying to set their own nefarious agendas. Let them stew in their own fat.


Moyo said he was not in any “predicament whatsoever” and if he was in any predicament, he would not blame ZANU PF members for that. He said:

We have never had any quarrel or fight with ZANU PF members, and we in fact have no reason to wish or want to see the vanishing of their historic and revolutionary movement that liberated Zimbabwe, and a movement with which we ourselves are intimately connected.

Otherwise, as my political opponents, Nelson Chamisa’s supporters can attack my character, drag in my late daughter and do all the kinds of demonisation with ad hominem slurs that they have been unleashing for the better of the year for all they want; but I did not write the letter alone; it’s a joint letter by Cde Zhuwao and me; and the attacks by Nelson Chamisa’s supporters will not deflect our attention from the focus of our apology to ZANU PF members.

The fact is that our apology to all ZANU PF members is noticeably clear, and it stands, we mean it and we will say more about it down the line.

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