Jonathan Moyo Kidnapped Own Daughters after Losing Divorce Case

by TZN Correspondent

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo evaded arrest for kidnapping his own daughters in the 1990s and fled to Kenya after losing a bitter divorce case from his former wife, it has been revealed.

It was after divorce case and lost custody of his kids when Jonathan travelled to Swaziland, stole the kids and went with them to Kenya where he was employed by Ford Foundation.

Scared he would be arrested Moyo he then contacted Enoch Dumbutshena pleading for advice on what to do after the kidnap.

He was also being pursued by the Ford Foundation and was desperate, veteran journalist and editor of the now defunct The Zimbabwean newspaper Wilf Mbanga reported in January 2010 adding that Moyo was dragged to court by his current wife Beatrice for beating her.



This was not the first instance of his reported violent nature. His former wife, the daughter of the former Swazi prime minister took Jonathan to court and was successfully granted a divorce by a Harare court. She left due to his violence and mental abuse His current wife was the kid’s hairdresser whom he asked to assist with their hair because there was no mother. She then offered to do the kids’ hair at home. It was at this point that the relationship was born.

Beatrice Mtetwa Swazi links

Human rights and award winning Lawyer Mtetwa was a close friend and advisor to Moyo’s first wife. He wrongly suspected that Beatrice helped his wife with legal advice by virtue of being Swazi but the former said she had nothing to do with the case.

“Beatrice was not her divorce lawyer. The pathological hatred comes as a result. After all, some husbands find their wife’s best friends even more threatening than any lawyer,” a close friend told .

Similarly his hatred for VP Mnangagwa stemmed from the fact that he was the Justice Minister when his former wife won the court order to take the kids to Swaziland. He accused Mnangagwa of allowing it to happen because he says then he was critical of Mugabe’s government

“He (Jonathan) is prone to violent outbursts even with his current wife”, said a top military personnel close to Moyo family.

Ford Foundation CIA Links and Fraud He left Nairobi after stealing from Ford Foundation and was contracted by Wits University where again he stole R10million.

“Moyo has been accused of fraud not once but twice by the Ford Foundation in Kenya and at Wits University in South Africa.

He left both reputable institutions under a cloud that has never been dispersed,” said Wilf Mbanga

Moyo then came under a lot of pressure from different but converging sources. He was under scrutiny for kidnapping his kids. He drained under scrutiny for pilfering from the Ford Foundation. Dumbutshena advised him to Mugabe and interestingly he ended up gaining refuge in the clasp of Zanu PF.

Homosexuality and double dipping

Moyo was also sucked into a huge scandal involving the former Director General of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Alum Mpofu. Moyo recruited Mpofu into the position but the ZBC boss left in a huff after it was alleged he was having an affair with Moyo. The resignation, citing ‘personal reasons’, was submitted to stop an inquiry after Mpofu was caught in a homosexual act in a Harare night club owned by a Zanu PF MP. Moyo’s alleged affair with Mpofu is said to have started in 1999 when the propaganda chief was at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Zanu PF apologist Goodson Nguni last year came out guns blazing while urging the ruling party to investigate Information Minister Jonathan Moyo for plotting against President Robert Mugabe and employing gay anti-government editors to run state owned newspapers. Similar claims where made by Happison Muchechetere and Themba Mliswa.

Currently, senior intelligence officers have warned Grace Mugabe against her alliances with Moyo on the basis of their sexual activities. The dossier in possession of this publication was handed to Grace in January. Several G40 faction members linked to the Gays and Lesbian Association of Zimbabwe (G.A.L.Z) are Saviour Kasukuwere, Esau Mupfumi and Psychology Maziwisa.

Murder allegations 

Professor Moyo has been linked to death of individuals while in position of power.

Moyo, who has not denied fathering a child with the late gospel singer Jackie Madondo, is believed to have played a role in the car crash after the singer pressured him to pay maintenance for the upkeep of the minor. It is then alleged Moyo, plotted with his military friends in a typical style that claimed the life of late liberation icon Josiah Tongogara .Jackie’s daughter Chantelle died on the spot. Moyo recently lost a daughter in South Africa, Zanele. He said he had turned to God.

We contacted Moyo for a comment on both the Kidnapping and Jackie Madondo case but he did not respond. Marbel Madondo — Jackie‘s younger sister declined to comment on the matter.