Jonathan Moyo Launches Scathing Attack on Zim Media
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Jonathan Moyo Launches Scathing Attack on Zim Media

INFORMATION, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo launched a scathing attack on Zimbabwe media saying it is practically useless and should not be relied upon.

Prof Moyo was addressing students of Joint Command and Staff Course at the Zimbabwe Staff College in Harare on Thursday when he took a swipe at the media for failing to inform the public about political developments in Zimbabwe.

“We have a media that is practically useless. If you rely on it for information about the state of the country, you will be by choice putting yourself among the ignorant, you won’t know what is going on by reading the media,” said Prof Moyo.

Moyo said that was the deficiency that the media in Zimbabwe suffered, which was a general expression of the country’s political environment.


He said because of the media’s failure to grasp and reflect the country’s political environment, Zimbabweans had to look elsewhere for information, itself a major indictment on the media.


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