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Journalist Brilliant Pongo publishes new book defending prophets

by Lex Vambe

By Paul Nyakazeya | Financial Gazette |

In the Old Testament times if a prophet spoke, Israel listened. And if a man claimed to be a prophet and gave one single prophecy that was wrong, he was to be killed, it was that serious.

billyJournalist Brilliant Pongo publishes new book defending prophets

In the New Testament, though, the bar does not seem to be quite so high. Fast forward to our times modern-day ‘Prophets do not seem to have been afforded the kind of unquestioned obedience that they were in the bible times.

In fact, the prophets have become subject to ridicule and abuse from within and without the church’ so argues Brilliant Pongo who at one point was a staunch critic of the contemporary prophetic movement. Strongly opposed to the prosperity gospel preachers.

The book under review is a timely and impressive contribution not only from a scholarly point of view but also for its relevance today, particularly to a Zimbabwean audience given the rise of the modern-day-prophets in this nation and the world in general.

Protect the Harvest; Defend the Harvester talks about the conversion of a journalist who was very much against the rise of the modern day church, particularly the prophetic movement and the so-called prosperity gospel preachers.


In his attempt to discredit the preachers, the journalist has a heavenly encounter which transforms his views and alters his spiritual course.

At a later stage, while the journalist is travelling to DR Congo from Zambia, God shows him a vision and speaks to him about the need to ‘Protect the Harvest, protect the granary and defend the harvester(s)’.

An interesting encounter and valuable reading as he outlines how the media in today’s world is conspiring to discredit the church and soil the characters of the servants of God. He talks of how the church is under attack from the enemy within and without; he likens the gossipers inside church to weevils. A fascinating read.

Indeed, this book goes a lot further by providing the textual basis for the ‘Case for-defending the harvest and the harvester ’ as the academic and Christian journalist Brilliant Pongo narrates his vision and explains the encounter that lead to his conversion.

Consisting of a short introduction, laying out the spiritual encounters and heavenly visions that he had, Brilliant Pongo’s book protect the harvest; defend the harvester is divided into 10 chapters and each chapter flows seamlessly into the next as teachings are beautifully entwined into his fascinating testimony .

The rich analogies that he uses to express and articulate his arguments make for pleasant reading. Pongo has this bravura and knack of writing that carries you with the story as if you are present in his journey and experiences.

Indeed a captivating testimony that carries you through a journey and teaches you the deep things about visions. Brilliant Pongo has demonstrated an amazing way of teaching and testifying. Indeed this book is testament to that. It is a great read a must read for all Christians and non-Christians alike.

It gives ample examples of very current situations and backs it all up with relevant scriptures. From the examples of Jimmy Swaggart to Pastor Deitrick Vaughn Haddon, to Bishop Noel Jones to Prophet TB Joshua and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Pongo builds his case in a very instructive way.

1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 declares, “Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good.” So, whether is it a “word from the Lord” or a supposed prophecy, our response should be the same. Compare what is said to what the Word of God says. If it contradicts the Bible, throw it out. If it agrees with the Bible, pray for wisdom and discernment as to how to apply the message (2 Timothy 3:16-17; James 1:5).

Published by Paragon publishing, Rothersthorpe in England.

This is a book which ought to be given to and read by, amongst others, all those who have leadership roles in Christian communities and those who berate the so-called-prosperity-preachers in the Morden day prophetic movement.

The book is available on Amazon

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