Kanye West , Jay Z at war

Kanye West still isn’t over the fact that Beyonce and Jay Z allegedly stood him up following a dinner the trio arranged with the rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

According to In Touch, West had wanted to plan a get-together for a while, so when the opportunity came around and Beyonce had some time off from her Formation Tour, the singer and her music mogul husband reportedly agreed to meet up with Kimye at their Los Angeles home.

Kanye went out of his way to make sure the dinner occasion was absolutely perfect, having hired a chef to cook the couple organic food since Bey is supposedly on a strict dieting plan. He made sure everything went smooth before the “Sorry” songstress arrived with her partner by her side, which sources say cost West quite a lot of money to organize.

As Kanye and Kim Kardashian prepared for the get-together, they suddenly learn that Beyonce and Jay Z both won’t be able to attend — and this was allegedly after everything had already been prepared for the duo, leaving Kanye anything but pleased.

“Kanye went to extremes to make it a perfect dinner party, and Kim was excited, too,” a source tells GossipCop. “A special chef was brought in to prepare a raw meal since Bey and Jay are both on raw diets again. Kanye spent days planning the menu, even checking in with his friends’ camp to ask about food allergies and other special dietary needs.”

It wasn’t so much about the cancellation that left Kanye West fuming, it was the simple fact that the couple couldn’t even inform them prior to having hired the chef to cook all the food for them. Kim Kardashian, in particular, was very much looking forward to catching up with Beyonce, so even she was stunned by the revelation that Bey and Jay Z had bailed on them again.


“The chef arrived four hours before the dinner was to start and was busy preparing the meal when a simple text message from Jay to Kanye was sent, relaying apologies and explaining they wouldn’t be able to make it. No reason was given.”

It was just two years ago when Beyonce and Jay Z also ditched Kanye West’s wedding with Kim Kardashian, stressing that they allegedly had other commitments planned. Fans were left puzzled by the couple’s supposed explanation since Bey had been posting family photos of a much-needed vacation following her world tour conclusion that same year.

The news of Beyonce and Jay Z bailing on Kanye West and his wife’s dinner party comes just weeks after the Hollywood couple were seen on yet another vacation before Bey would continue the second leg of her Formation tour, which has now moved over to Europe. It would make sense that, while Kanye and Kim had hoped for the couple to attend their welcoming invite for dinner, the couple settled for a peaceful holiday instead.

In recent years, reports have consistently claimed that Beyonce has made every attempt possible to avoid Kim Kardashian in public. While it’s said that Bey has no issue with the reality star, she would never want fans to think that the two are associated with one another in any way — they are simply completely different people.