Local Government Minister and Zanu PF National Political Commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere has distanced himself from General Solomon Mujuru’s death.

There is no G40...Kasukuwere
There is no G40…Kasukuwere

Kasukuwe was responding to social media claims that he was the last person to talk to Mujuru before his death.

According to a sensational article posted by MDC politician Elliott Pfebve on social media, Kasukuwere and Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Supa Mandiwanzira saw Mujuru at a cricket match in the capital city 12 hours before his death. In the article Pfebve claims Kasukuwere talked to Mujuru at the Harare Sports Club during the cricket match between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

“Breaking News:Saviour Kasukuwere and Supa Mandiwanzira were two people who last saw Mujuru alive. Both Mandiwanzira and Kasukuwere left the bar moments after Mujuru had driven off-it is not known whether Mujuru was trailed but he was later found dead,” further claims Pvebve.

Commenting on the grave allegations Kasukuwere said the social media claims were baseless. “There is nothing like that. It is not true. It is coming from my political foes,” said Kasukuwere. He said he had nothing to do with Mujuru’s death. Mandiwanzira refused to comment on the matter. He described the claims as fake news. ” I do not comment on fake news,” said Mandiwanzira.-Online