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Kasukuwere’s brother evicted over $102 000 rental debt that accumulated over 16 years

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There is no G40...Kasukuwere

LOCAL Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s younger brother, Stan, was on Monday kicked out of his rented premises in Avondale by the messenger of court over a $102 000 rental debt accumulated over 16 years.


The property owner, Robert Mupanduki, through case 15168/15 approached the courts seeking an order to throw out Kasukuwere, whom he alleged had failed or neglected to pay rentals since he started using the premises 16 years ago.

Mupanduki said he was owed $102 000 by Kasukuwere who despite demand had neglected or refused to pay rentals although he was subletting the premises and pocketing rentals from his own tenants.

Kasukuwere, who was present as the messenger of court removed his property, insisted that he was up-to-date regarding payments, but his sub-tenants were the ones in rental arrears.

“I am being moved out of the place where I have been renting for the past 16 years. I have no problem with my landlord and I am not the one who is being evicted. It’s my sub-tenants who have been refusing to pay rentals,” he said.


The sub-tenants, however, produced receipts showing they had been paying rentals to Kasukuwere up to last month.

Trust Link Real Estate on August 5, paid Kasukuwere $1 000 in monthly rentals, while another tenant, Bridget Chapata, had paid $150 as September rentals.

The payments were allegedly made well after Kasukuwere had been issued with the eviction notice.

Chapata, who runs a sewing shop, said she was at a loss for words because she had only learnt of the eviction via a Facebook post by Kasukuwere on Sunday after paying the rentals.

“I am surely shocked because I paid my rentals and was settling in when this happened. Right now, I really don’t know what to say, I feel robbed and let down,” she said.

Mupanduki, however, allowed Chapata to stay on the premises on condition she paid her rentals directly to him.-Newsday

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