Keep your Heroes Acre – MDC-T tells Mugabe

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THE opposition MDC-T has scoffed at Zanu PF government’s monopolisation of the National Heroes Acre, saying its leaders would not lose sleep over Presidents Robert Mugabe’s ranting over the issue.


MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu told NewsDay yesterday that, contrary to Zanu PF’s presumptions, none among the opposition party’s icons were desperate to be buried at the “partisan Heroes Acre”.

He challenged Mugabe to even relocate the national shrine to his rural home in Zvimba if he so wished.

Gutu was responding to Mugabe’s weekend outbursts where the 91-year-old Zanu PF leaders chided some opposition leaders of being “sell-outs” and unfit to be buried at the national shrine.

Mugabe made the remarks during burial of the late High Court Justice Andrew Mutema at the Heroes Acre on Saturday.


“We feel sorry for Robert Mugabe. We are not angry with him. Actually, we sympathise with him. He needs help. He has too much bottled anger inside his system. That cannot be good for both his mental and emotional health,” Gutu said.

“We are not desperate for any of our members to be buried at the Heroes’ Acre when they pass on. After all, Mugabe has personalised, trashed and trivialised the otherwise very noble idea of having a national heroes’ cemetery.”

Gutu added: “That said we would like to tell Robert Mugabe that he is actually free to transfer the Heroes’ Acre to his home village in Zvimba. We don’t give a damn.”

The ruling party has always been accused of selecting deserving national heroes in a partisan manner, with other deserving national persona denied hero status after being adjudged as “politically incorrect” by the Zanu PF regime.-NEWSDAY

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