‘Keep Zanu-PF out of Bulawayo’

dabengwaZAPU President Dumiso Dabengwa, has urged the Bulawayo electorate to keep Zanu PF out of Zimbabwe’s second largest city in the forthcoming by-elections.

With the MDC formation boycotting the June 10 special vote, the ZAPU leaders said he expects a resounding victory for his party.

“I hope that we will maintain the tradition of keeping Zanu-PF from Bulawayo for various reasons,” Dabengwa said.

“The most important reason is that the city has lost heavily from economic mismanagement that has resulted in de-industrialisation and massive unemployment. These days our youths are insulted for migrating to neighbouring countries in search of jobs,” he said.

Zapu says it is using the forthcoming by-elections in Bulawayo to prepare for the crucial 2018 general elections. The party led by Dumiso Dabengwa is fielding five candidates in the June 10 by-elections.

Provincial executive committee chairperson Gibson Sibanda said the by-elections would be used to measure the party’s growth.

The party is assured of support in the 2018 general elections from South Africa based sponsors if the candidates win the by-elections.