KitKat, Ginimbi’s best friend accused of doctoring the will to give himself the Lamborghini

Kitkat shares more pictures with Ginimbi

The late socialite, Genius Kadungure must be turning in his grave as squabbles continue to take the limelight over the sharing of his estate, with the family failing to agree with some of the contents of his last will.


Ginimbi Causing Chaos From Grave As Family Fights His Will In Court

The family of the late flamboyant business man is alleged to be in the middle of a dramatic inheritance saga, with reports saying they are accusing one of Ginimbi’s top friend, Nomatter Zinyengere aka Kit Kat of doctoring Ginimbi’s will and testimony for personal gains.

According to the will, Ginimbi as Kadungure was affectionately known, directed that Kit Kat gets the luxurious Lamborghini, which happens to be one of Ginimbi’s most expensive cars amongst the collection of cars which he left behind.

Sources claim the family is now suspecting Kit Kat of doctoring the will for his personal gain and that the family is doing everything in their power to hold on to the vehicle.

“The family is now fighting Kit Kat’s claim to the Lamborghini after suspecting that they were duped through the will which they are now discrediting as bogus. Kit Kat is said to have took advantage of the somber state that the family was in during the days of Ginimbi’s funeral to con them of the priced vehicle,” said a source who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Another close family source alleged that the family was talked into agreeing to use the will by “Ginimbi’s Friends” after they were given promises that they would be showed some properties that are in South Africa and Botswana. However, the deal failed to materialize as they were unsuccessful in their efforts to recover the wealth that they were promised.

“During Ginimbi’s funeral, the family members were talked into rushing to endorse that will by his friends. There were some who advised them to wait until the funeral proceedings were done so that everything to do with the estate of the late could be handled properly. But they rushed into it as they were promised that they will be showed more properties in South Africa and Botswana where his businesses were. But after the will was endorsed, they did not manage to recover the wealth they expected to get, and Kit Kat is now being suspected to be the one hiding it,” said the source.

When contacted for a comment, Ginimbi’s sister, Nelia Kadungure refused to comment but promised the reporter that she would issue an official statement on the matter anytime soon.

Questions were also sent to Kit Kat, but he did not respond although the questions were successfully delivered to him.

The inheritance squabbles were first reported by a local news website, Zimmorning Post that the Kadungure family is allegedly contesting Kit Kat’s claim to the Lamborghini, arguing that he has to prove his identity by producing an identity card bearing the name Kit Kat as it is stated in Ginimbi’s will.