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Kombi Crew Flees For Dear Life After Passengers Discover Snake In A Parcel

by reporter263

THE driver and conductor of a commuter omnibus which plies the Gokwe-Kwekwe route had to flee for dear life as an angry mob wanted to mete out instant justice on them after they discovered a sack which had a metre-long puff adder and about 10 small ones.

The mysterious package was discovered by loaders when the kombi stopped to pick up more passengers in at Zhombe Joel’s growth point.

The kombi crew claimed that they had no idea what was in the sack and had been paid to deliver the package to a woman in Kwekwe by a man from Gokwe.

However, the passengers and the mob which had gathered did not buy the explanations and accused the crew of using the reptiles for juju money making charms.

The mob killed the snakes and burnt them. Fearing for their own safety the driver and the conductor also made good their escape.

Traditional leader for Zhombe, Chief Weight Gwesela said: “Yes, I can confirm that a snake was found in kombi that was coming from Gokwe on its way to Kwekwe.


“The loaders found the sack which contained the reptile which had other smaller ones in a sack in the boot as they packed luggage…

“There are a lot of unanswered questions as the crew sped off as more searches were being made on the kombi. We, however, learnt that the driver had been tasked with delivering the package to a certain woman in Kwekwe but he failed to do so as the person in question was no longer answering the phone. The kombi crew had to run away as people were threatening to manhandle them if they did not give them answers.”

According to some traditionalists, snakes are often used by witches.

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