Liquid Telecom launches next generation VOIP

LIQUID Telecom has launched the next generation calling voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP) as the telecommunication firm maximises on its fibre optic footprint.



The new service, which was launched on Friday, will use a fibre optics network of 6 400km, an investment that cost Liquid $150 million since 2010.

“I cannot say that this is new a technology, but the way we have launched it is revolutionary in that it is based on our hi-tech resilient fibre network and depends on the Internet,” managing director Wellington Makamure said.

“Our Internet is one of the most resilient networks that we have got because of the way we have designed and built it.

“It was built on self-healing cycle so that if there is a break on one part the signal comes through on another part.”


Liquid Telecom will use the prefix number 08677 which is a non-geographical number in Zimbabwe and the VOIP will also use video conferencing, Makamure said.

VoIP refers to a series of transmission capabilities that make communication over the Internet a possibility. It is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

Other terms commonly associated with VOIP are IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony and broadband phone service.
Makamure said the “most important factor on VOIP is that you can actually save up to 35% using the system because what happens is if you get our number [08677] and the numbers that follow, anyone who is on our number that you call will be free”.

“We are also providing the Internet and on that platform will make money, but on the voice we can make money when somebody from another network calls or you call to other networks,” he said.

The VOIP system will use per second billing and will charge $0, 10 per minute with local interconnections, calling other telecommunication operators.

“Liquid Telecom is a standalone company and our products are three-pronged: Video, voice and data. Voice does not take as much bandwidth as video,” Makamure said.

Liquid Telecom is an Internet service provider with over 9 435km of optic fibre in Zimbabwe and 20 000km of optic fibre across Africa which is headquartered in London in the United Kingdom.

Makamure said Liquid Telecom conducts its business in two parts, a wholesaler and retailer which is handled by ZOL Zimbabwe which is owned by Liquid.