London, Rome and Paris are most reviewed cities on TripAdvisor

London was the most reviewed city on TripAdvisor this year, while Americans were the most prolific contributors.

After combing through the more than 200 million reviews and opinions generated on the site, it appears that travelers have the most to say about the British capital, as visitors penned 565,742 reviews about London in 2014, more than any other international city.

Rome and Paris were the second and third most reviewed cities in 2014.

While US travelers were the biggest contributors of content overall, it seems that Singaporeans are the most verbose, as they averaged the highest number of words — 123 — per review.

Of all the contributors, Singaporeans also seem to be among the best-traveled as they submitted the most reviews outside of their home, with 85 percent of postings for international addresses.

And Japanese users submitted the most photos, with each member uploading an average of 14 photos.

As for the most reviewed destinations in the US, Central Park received the most commentary with nearly 10,500 reviews in 2014, while the most reviewed US restaurant was Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.


The Bellagio Las Vegas generated the most reviews for US hotels.

Here were the most reviewed cities in 2014 on TripAdvisor:

1. London
2. Rome
3. Paris
4. New York
5. Barcelona
6. Las Vegas
7. Orlando
8. Milan
9. Florence