Lover’s pants expose cheating hubby

A MUTARE couple’s marriage is on the rocks after the wife discovered underwear and clothes belonging to her husband’s lover in their matrimonial bedroom following a one-night stand.

All this was revealed at Mutare Civil Courts when the wife, Monica Mujevo, was dragged to the courts by her husband’s girlfriend, Sibongile Muchayi, who was applying for a protection order.

In her defense, Mujevo told the court that she had found Muchayi’s underwear and clothes in her bedroom after she had made a surprise visit.

She said her husband confessed to her that the clothes belonged to Muchayi.

“I had gone to the rural areas and the two used my bedroom as their love nest. Your Worship, I came back home without notice and she ran away leaving behind her panties and clothes. When I saw the clothes, I knew that they were hers before I even asked my husband because I had seen her on many occasions putting them on,” she said.

Mujevo, who is a vendor, told the court that Muchayi used to be her client.


“I used to sell her stuff. I know her very well Your Worship. I wonder why she has dragged me here asking for protection against me when I’m the one who is supposed to be asking for protection against her because she is wrecking my marriage,” she said.

This was after Muchayi had told the court that Mujevo was in the habit of assaulting and insulting her because of her husband.

“She accuses me of cheating with her husband, which I never did Your Worship.

She denied owning the clothes that had been found in Mujevo’s bedroom.

“She and her husband are liars. Those clothes do not belong to me. The only explanation here is that her husband is lying to her because he had someone over and now he is using my name because I am small in stature and I cannot defeat them when it comes to fighting,” said Muchayi.

Mutare magistrate, Miss Prisca Tendai Manhibi granted the protection order to Muchayi against Mujevo but advised the former to desist from being involved with married men if she indeed was in a relationship with Mujevo’s husband.

“We pray and hope that you are not dating this woman’s husband, if you are, you should desist. Do not be a home wrecker, and stay away from married men,” advised Miss Manhibi.-MANICAPOST