Macheso, Madzibaba relive memories


It seems the force that keeps them apart when people want them together also unexpectedly unites and binds them in amazing ways. On several occasions, some promoters have unsuccessfully tried to have Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria and Alick Macheso together for joint shows.

However, whenever the musicians decide to take their fans down memory lane, it appears bringing them on the same stage is one of the simplest exercises in local showbiz.

Despite many negative things that have been said about their relationship since they parted ways about 18 years ago, a personal bond ties them together.

It is this bond that has made them cautious about involving third parties in their joint projects and this is the bond that also brings them together for their rare combined shows. This is the bond that brought them on the same stage at Ice and Fire Pamuzinda on Friday.

Their brief speeches on stage during a joint act were reflective of this binding force that has also kept their fans nostalgic of the good old days of Khiama Boys.

It is almost two decades since the musicians split, but fans still hope for more joint acts because of the way Macheso and Madzibaba click in their act.

So, when Macheso joined Madzibaba on stage at 11:30pm on Friday, the musicians took a stroll down memory lane and fans enjoyed their yesteryear hits.

Madzibaba was playing the song “Ida Anokuda” when Macheso went on stage, took the bass guitar and strummed it with a difference to wild cheers from the audience.

But before the party went further, Macheso made an announcement.

“Ndivo vakaita ndisimuke kusvika pano nekudaro ndichaona chikuru chekuti ndivaitire sezvo mashoko ega haana kukwana pakutenda (He is the one who nurtured me so I will do something for him to show my gratitude)” he said.

Zakaria said he was happy that Macheso remembered his roots.

“Vakuru vanoti chirere chigokurerawo nekudaro ndinotenda nemashoko ake (We nurture younger generations so that they can care for us in future. I thank him for his words),” he said.

After the short speeches the two musicians revisited their Khiama Boys days with songs “Mabvi Nemagokora” and “Kubva Kure”.

As they played the two songs fans came closer to the stage showering praises.

They played an impromptu song that exhibited that the musicians can make a serious impact if they were to do a fresh collaboration.

The Herald Entertainment spoke to some fans who said they were expecting a collaboration from the two artistes.

“These guys are talented and we expect them to give us collaboration,” said one Cynthia Pamugwagwa.

Another music fan Wanisai Mutandwa, popularly known as Mahwindo, said another joint release from the two artistes was needed.

“Their unity is refreshing and I think they should just do one new song for the sake of their fans. They click well,” she said.

One Problem Chibvaru said he hopes the musicians will work on a joint album that was promised many years ago.

Speaking on the sidelines of the show Zakaria said they had agreed to have a joint album that will have six tracks.

“It is only that we have been working on our individual albums, but plans are there to have a joint album,” he said.

He said they had no bad blood and they will continue to have joint shows together.

Prior to the joint act Zakaria had been first to take the stage and the musician proved why he was called the “Senior Lecturer”.

His songs “Mazano”, “Makomborero” “Theresa”, “Rumbidzo”, and “Ida Anokuda” among others kept fans dancing for the better part of the night.

Zakaria’s act was, however, disturbed by continuous power cuts as the generators supplying power ran out of fuel.

Macheso and his Orchestra Mberikwazvo put the icing on the cake of the night with a top act.

He played songs such as “Chimoko Changu”, “Madhawu” and “Charakupa” among other hit songs.

The musician also sampled some songs from his forth coming album.