Macheso Shuts Door on Deserters

Macheso Shuts Door on Deserters

HARARE – Orchestra Mberikwazvo manager William Tsandukwa says attempts by Noel Nyazanda, Obert Gomba and Congolese Jonasi Kasamba to return to sungura star Alick Macheso’s backing group are destined to fail.

Tsandukwa’s remarks fly in the face of recent reports that the three, who unceremoniously quit Orchestra Mberikwazvo last year, are on the verge of an imminent return to Macheso’s band.

“We no longer need those people back in the band because we are not sure of their intentions,” Tsandukwa told the Daily News on Sunday.

“The people who replaced them are doing a great job and as such we cannot ditch them when they have been loyal to us even during trying times.”

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo manager added that lead guitarist Nyazanda was the least reliable of the trio.

“Nowero (Nyazanda) has a long history of ditching the band so how can we trust him this time around. Remember in 2012 he deserted us along with Elton Muropa.”

Gomba, who is regarded as one of the best sungura drummers in the country, is hopeful that some day he will retrace his footsteps back to Orchestra Mberikwazvo band.

“I still need time to think about my next move. It is counterproductive to rush decisions. At the moment I am still coming to terms with what happened at Extra Kwazvose,” said Gomba.

“I do not have a problem with mudhara Macheso (Alick); I know I can return to his band anytime without any hassles but the time is not now.”

Gomba played drums for close to two hours during the sungura kingpin’s concert at New Life Night Club in Budiriro last month sparking speculation that he was about to be welcomed back at Macheso’s band.

While Gomba is not ready to rule out a return to Macheso’s fold, Nyazanda conceded in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday that his Orchestra Mberikwazvo return was highly unlikely.

“Chances of re-joining Orchestra Mberikwazvo are slim considering that our positions there have been filled. We cannot quickly form another band because we need time to come up with new songs as we cannot perform Extra Kwazvose songs which were composed by Dhaka,” said Nyazanda.

Meanwhile Tsandukwa has revealed that Macheso, who is currently touring various Zimbabwean cities and towns, will take a break from holding concerts in order to concentrate on his highly-anticipated forthcoming album.

“He will use the time to polish his forthcoming album which is at an advanced stage,” said Tsandukwa.

The Tafadzwa singer’s hectic festive season diary  will take him to Manyame Park Night Club in Chitungwiza tomorrow, Pakare Paye Arts Centre, Norton (December 30), Ice and Fire Pamuzinda, Harare (December 31) and Dandaro Inn in Harare’s Exhibition Park (January 1).

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