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Macheso’s ex in Sulu show rumpus


There was drama at Suluman Chimbetu’s show at Dandaro Inn on Friday night when Alick Macheso’s ex-wife Tafadzwa Mapako and some bouncers manhandled journalists accusing them of stalking her.Mapako, who arrived at the venue in the company of a popular freelance photojournalist, ganged up with the bouncers that were in the venue to assault journalists that wanted to photograph and interview her.

The visibly angry Mapako ordered the bouncers to confiscate the journalists’ cameras saying they had photographed her without her consent.

The bouncers charged towards the journalists and demanded to see their cameras and phones and the situation turned chaotic as the journalists resisted the bouncers’ advances.

Some of the bouncers claimed they had come from the President’s Office to protect Mapako.

Mapako allegedly used the same tactic of claiming that she had links in high offices to threaten Macheso on several occasions when their marriage turned sour.

The Dandaro Inn fracas took close to 20 minutes until the intervention of a local promoter prompted fans at the show to shout at Mapako and the bouncers.


“You’re done with Macheso and now you’re following Suluman,” a fan shouted at Tafadzwa.

Mapako made headlines last year with her divorce with Macheso that left her getting about $400 a month for maintenance of their two children.

Since the divorce she has not been in the public domain until Friday when she became the centre of attraction.

Away from the fracas, Chimbetu managed to give a splendid show that kept the audience dancing.

The musician repeatedly played songs from his new album Gunship that is doing well on the local market.

Songs Phone and Nyuchi are fast becoming popular at most of his shows.

Sulu’s publicist Joe Nyamungoma said they would continue with their shows across the country despite the low activity in the showbiz scene.

“It’s business as usual and we’re not breaking like what most artistes have done. The business is normal,” he said.

Show promoter Patson Chimbodza said artistes should prepare to get back to business as the people need to be entertained all the time.

“People need to pay school fees in January making it a tough month but they still need entertainment. It explains why they’ve come in numbers to support this show,” he said.


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