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MAGAYA STUNT?. . . Doubts cast over miracle healing

by reporter263

A MONTH has lapsed since the healing and restoration of Garikayi Zindi’s sanity by Prophet Walter Magaya.

The prophet went on to buy a five-roomed house in Sanzaguru for Garikayi and furnished it. However, not everyone is convinced.

Since Garikayi’s pictures went viral on social media platform Facebook –sceptics queried the authenticity of the miracle and the wisdom informing Prophet Magaya’s gesture to Garikayi and his family.

The doubting Thomases further query why Garikayi has not appeared in public alone or go about routine chores at his new home – a feat expected of any normal being.Magaya-1728x800_c

The Weekender reproduces some of the responses on Facebook page Rusapeans:

Laura Dondo Nyatwa: “Ini zvangu won’t mince my words this is a clear sign of publicity stunt, but manyangira yaona nekuti maborn toziwana zvekuti dhuuu. Uyu munhu is not one of us. Munhu uyu akunzi akatanga kupengera maRusape 2013 ndiani ane date chairo. Ko akazoendesa benzi rekwaRusape ku Harare ndiani? Munhu uyu acted mad probably for a very short period of time akubhadharwa nemba or vanogona vakatotora benzi vakaunza mumwe munhu hazvina chokwadi manyepo ayo”.


Mai Tinashanel Mash: “Ya haasi wemaRusape and he was seen in Rusape for the last 3 yrs, now in Harare and delivered, gets a house immediately. It could be his compensation for doing that job”.

Manibho Rupesa: “Where is God being accorded the glory? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m seeing a paradigm shift in terms of people believing more in the Prophet (Magaya) than in the word of God. Because of these public displays of divinity, people are now saying “Magaya this, Magaya that.

“He is so venerated to the extent that to me, the crusade is aptly perceived as showboating because it seems to enamour the masses not to the glory of God, but to edify the ranks of the church. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the baseline truth of God’s power and the anointing upon those who are ordained into the Levitical order (Priesthood).

“What I question is the ramifications on the church and the perceptions of salvation that people have. To God, and God alone be the glory. If indeed, Magaya be the true servant of the most high, then I don’t see why he would allow people to perceive that HE is the miracle worker and not God.”

Diana: “Hapana chekunyara apa, why do everything on camera? It is because you want to show the world the good work you are doing, so you mean in those pictures hapanawo mumwe munhu aigona kupa munhu uyu chikafu, Magaya was doing everything in the glaring eyes of the camera of course, so what do you call that? .

“Why don’t you just do good then vanhu vanomuziva vozoita testimony kuti Aaaahhh this guy is the one who used to sit in town now he is ok, akaponera kupi. Apa we have not even seen kuti apona because he is still what he was, and you can force him to bath and give him new clothes but that won’t be testament kuti apona until vanhu nehama vaisimuona mutown vakumuona achiuya kumba. “But you have already paraded him as healed and you lie kuti he used to be violent, we all know this guy was never violent he just used to roam the CBD and the Solo’s bridge area, handina wandakanzwa kuti akamborowa by this guy. Saka if you want to do the true work of GOD not god, get rid of the camera and do your thing is silence and vanenge vaponeswa ndivo vachapupura. Mwari achakutendai.”

Hellen Chido Mukoyi: “Ini I know him aipenga munhu uyu pamwe pachoka ngatirege kungobwereketa tisati taziwa its unfortunate kuti vamwe maisamuona maybe coz hamuchagare Rusape angawe asi chizvarwa chemuno asi ange achipengera kuno kusaziwa kuti akapona shuwa here.”

Simbarashe Chimombe Kazhanje: “Even Winkell does not parade his cars like this. So from now on everyone who sees him will describe him as “Murume uyu wekupenga akaporeswa naMagaya” and never by his name. Instead if this had not been paraded anyone who was going to see him from his saving day would have referred to him as Mr Garikayi Garanewako, his proper name. So in short this is grandstanding by Magaya and it will never pass the test before any right thinking people let alone before the Lord.”

Viet Congo: “Did he personally say he is doing philanthropy on Garikai or it was the press? John 10:10 which talks of full restoration, that is what he did. If he had dumped Garikai with no shelter of his own you were going to criticize him again. Call it whatever you like but the bottom line is he did well.”

Farai Nyawata: “Being wise and being clever are two completely different things. If you remember tsuro of the tsuro nagudo fame tsuro kange kakangwara asi kamba yaiwa nehuchenjeri. He is clever that’s why he makes so much money and answers cleverly. That’s why he makes marketing gimmicks that sell. But it’s all vanity the fear of the lord is the beginning of all wisdom. Not stealing from people that’s short sightedness and can only be found on clever people ana “tsuro magen’a.”

Artwell Makumbe: “Why so much publicity, it’s only the first philanthropic inclination he did in his era, let’s take a look at the definition of and check is that philanthropy or black magic “the word philanthropy” is defined as the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing. how many disadvantaged people at Jairos Jiri did he help through his hilarious miracles and acts, but to take part on mentally changed person whilst leaving those who are both physical, mental declared physically challenged by so called medical practitioners, I don’t agree. If he is a true man of God, why does he also talk of planned blah, blah eg, it was a planned mental illness.”

Mukunda Musesengwa: “It seems Magaya offers treatment and but no follow ups which makes me question his methods of treatment. I know that medical doctors would do monthly reviews on Garikai that is if he was a patient of a specialist. I don’t think Magaya offers reviews either. I always wonder why are there more religious people than scientists and independent thinkers because science requires logic, a mathematically inclined mentality and examination of what is taken for granted. Independent thinking requires one to challenge and question assumptions on common knowledge… most religions require neither and positively frown on both as presumptuous denials of ultimate authority. I am just saying this because people just accept these prophets. I like people with minds who question things like this. They want to know how he worked from A-Z and got to that conclusion unfortunately people who have been brainwashed intend to get angry with those who have a curious mind”.

Tinashe Dangirwa: “Handiti taikutaurirai kuti Magaya ari kubata vanhu kumeso hezvi Garikayi akuita basa rekukumbira vanhu mogo paMabvazuva, taura tinzwe.”

Mukunda Musesengwa: “Is it possible to recover from chronic mental illness? I believe one does not fully recover from this but can find a way of living a normal life. Recovering from a mental illness is different from, say, recovering from a physical injury. The road is much longer, not usually smooth, and perhaps not to the touch. Mental illness is a chronic disease, and so the word recovered implies remission.

“ This man Garikai is probably having a relapse but I can’t really say much because I don’t know his mental illness history. I know that mental illness can be calmed down with the right medication but that doesn’t mean the person is healed. I might piss off some people here but I just don’t believe in these prophets healing mental illness .”

– See more at: http://www.manicapost.com/magaya-stunt-doubts-cast-over-miracle-healing/#sthash.Sm0QbIcM.dpuf

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