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Magnitude 5.5 earthquake hits Zimbabwe

by reporter263

SOME parts of Zimbabwe experienced an earth tremor at around 7.43 am on Saturday, the 22nd of December.

Preliminary reports indicate the earthquake measured about 5.5 on the Richter scale.

The centre of the earthquake was in an area about 53 km from Chipinge.

The tremors were slight some might not have felt them but several reactions from people on social media around the country confirmed that some felt the movement.

USGS, the official U.S. Geological Survey and provider of earthquake alerts, had this to say:

Independent scientific organization EMSC, a provider of real-time earthquake information tweeted:

Al Jazeera journalist Harugumi Mutsa tweeted:

  • : Harare (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • : Building swayed slightly enough for hanging ornaments to swing (not felt)
  • Harare, Zimbabwe: Chair I was on, desk, water in glass, windows all started shaking (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • Mutare Zimbabww: Shaking of houses (MMI VI (Strong shaking))
  • Harare, Zimbabwe: I was on my bed in Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe & my bed shook for about 20 seconds (MMI III (Weak shaking))
  • : Mirrors, bed and toilet were shaking. Did not hear anything. (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • Rolf Valley, Harare: Heard rumbling as of large truck. Bed vibrating on shaking floor Candlebra shaking as watched it Cat not happy! Lasted about 10 seconds (MMI III (Weak shaking))
  • Harare: Was surprised, a little scared and confused as my bed shook, windows rattled and felf like my roof was being shaken. Nice experience (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • : Aaah was shitting thought aaah ko what’s going on is my shit fighting me (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • Mandara, Harare, Zimbabwe: I felt the shaking whilst in bed it was light didnt understand what was happening to my bed at first. My husband didnt feel anything though he was standing in the sitting room. You probably needed to pay much attention (MMI III (Weak shaking))
  • : Light shaking of bed, felt even thru the floor of the house (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • Marondera: I was doing yoga out on our wooden deck & the whole structure was swaying & creaking with the roof sheets rattling (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • : I think i can say it was a tremor though i have not felt in my life but this experiance was a little bit scary i was still in bed at the time (MMI III (Weak shaking))
  • Chiredzi Town Tshovani location Zimbabwe: Awakened by the shaking noise of the Windows doors and walls.It was like 2 earthmoving catapillers were moving around the house . (MMI V (Moderate shaking))
  • Harare Zimbabwe: Felt it in Harare at 9.49, Windows were shaking lasted about 20 seconds. (MMI IV (Light shaking))
  • Msasa park Harare: Was sitting on my couch and it lasted about 20seconds (MMI III (Weak shaking))
  • Harare: The tremor was enough to hold our tv still from falling over. The sensation was akin to losing ones balance (MMI IV (Light shaking))

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