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Mai Chisamba Intervenes In Fungisai Dressing Row

by reporter263

Prominent talk show presenter Rebecca Chisamba has come out swinging in defence of gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave.

Mai Chisamba
Mai Chisamba

Chisamba, popularly known as Mai Chisamba, said those making fun of Fungisai’s dressing on social media were in fact also fighting her children and family.Fungisai

Fungisai has been in the eye of a storm after dumping her gospel roots and seeking to become a zim-dancehall musician even in her dressing. The transition has not gone down well with her legion of fans with many internet memes appearing to mock her new style.

“As a mother, my role is not to take sides because judging is for God, but at this point people should understand that whether right or wrong, Fungisai has a family,” Mai Chisamba said on Thursday.

“If the vilification continues, it will affect her children, husband and family because in the process of attacking her, people will be fighting her family.”

“Let us assist her in the transition she has chosen. Attacking is not right because, maybe she has a good reason and in the end she needs to sustain her life with music as well.”

Fungisai embracing the Zimdancehall dressing style
Fungisai embracing the Zimdancehall dressing style

During an interview on radio last week, Fungisai said;

“It affects me sometimes, ndiri munhu wenyamawo and I have feelings but I brush it aside so I get on with my life.

“God has been awesome to me; he is taking me to greater heights and a lot of things. Pandanga ndichifunga ndapera Mwari vakabva vatangira ipapo.

“I am a God word artiste who packages messages differently and this time I am targeting the youths and hence the change in flair of my music.

“To me gospel is good news. I have sung in many genres, I gave done reggae, Chimurenga and collaborated with South African artistes like Lundi and all those were different genres.

“I have taken up Zim dancehall because I am now targeting the youths, maghetti youths edu. This way I am staying relevant to today’s generation and I know these are the people that will be listening to me kana ndaa mbuya Fungisai.”

She added; “Working with Oskid and Killer T was an awesome experience. I was laughing because when I worked on this song, Oskid told me he used to listen to my music when he was in grade 3 and now he is a big man and we are working together.

“It’s to my advantage because I have managed to stay relevant, I am looking to the future not just now, this generation are the people that are going to be listening to me in the future,” Fungisai added.

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