Mamba Interferes With Water Supply
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Mamba Interferes With Water Supply

A DEADLY black mamba is coming between a thirsty Zimbabwean city and its water by attacking technicians trying to finish work on a new water reservoir, it was reported on Friday.

The snake “is chasing away” engineers and electricians trying to connect electric meters at water tanks above the eastern city of Mutare, the state-run Manica Post reported.

“(Engineers) said a big black mamba viciously attacked them last week in the company of technicians who wanted to upgrade the power grid at the holding tanks to cater for the new electric meters,” the newspaper reported. There were no reports of injuries.

The holding tanks will reportedly supply water to a new 10 million litre reservoir for more than 5000 households in the city’s low-income Chikanga suburb.

The reservoir is due to be commissioned next week if the engineers manage to finish their work.

The black mamba is one of Zimbabwe’s deadliest snakes and is widespread in low-lying areas.

Willard Manungo, an official in the finance ministry, urged the technicians to have the snake trapped or chased off by game rangers, the Manica Post reported.


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