Mambo Dhuterere gives credit to Jah Prayzah

Gospel musician, Mambo Dhuterere, real name Darlington Mutseta, who has taken the local music scene by storm with his latest album “Dare guru”, which has gone viral, has said he owes his recent breakthrough to Jah Prayzah.

In an interview with ZBC News Online this Tuesday, he expressed his gratitude to Jah Prayzah for the guidance and support that he has shown him.

“Am forever grateful to him, imagine he looked for me someone who is not even known, someone who was still a nobody in the music industry.

“He expressed zeal to work with me and push my music and advised we can work on a collaboration later after pushing the projects that I had worked on  as he indicated my music is very good, he doesn’t want to take away anything from it by featuring,” said Dhuterere.

The song “Dare Guru” has gone viral and is being played almost everywhere including social gatherings and commuter omnibuses and it seems the musician has made his breakthrough in the music industry.

The 27-year-old artist has been based in Botswana since the age 17 but is currently in the country. He says the growing success of the album has given him second thoughts  about relocation back to Zimbabwe and pursuing music full time.


Dhuterere’s latest offering, which is his third album, was produced by Gibson Makumbe of VLT Records and DJ Tamuka of MTM and it was released in August.

His first album, Dhuterere, was released in 2015 whilst second is titled Tsamba, released in 2018.