Man beds mistress in wife’s presence

A 50-YEAR-OLD Tynwald man reportedly beds his mistress in his wife’s presence in a bid to induce her into divorcing him, a court heard.

Samuel Nyabesi, 50, and his son Lennon Nyabesi, 25, are answering to physical abuse charges after they reportedly teamed up to assault Spiwe Munyerei. All parties reside at 14502 Tynwald North, Harare.

Munyerei, 55, is a step-mother to Lennon and testified in court yesterday that her husband and stepson did not want her to benefit from their matrimonial house.

“The whole issue is about the house. The accused persons do not want to accept the reality that I am also entitled to benefit from that property because I contributed to its construction,” Munyerei told the court.

“They have been doing all they can to make sure that I leave that residence. At one point, my husband brought his girlfriend into our bed and they had sexual intercourse while I was also sleeping there.

“When I tried to question the conduct, I was assaulted until it came to a point that I felt I should report the incidences.”


Prosecutor Devotion Nyagano alleged that on April 1, Munyerei got into town and came across her husband who was walking with another woman. The court heard that Munyerei then greeted her husband and decided that she would ask about the other woman when they got home.

When they arrived at home, Munyerei confronted her hubby about the woman she had seen him with in town. This did not go down well with Samuel who began shouting at her for confronting him.

It was further alleged that Lennon took his father’s side and told his stepmother to “chill” because his dad had the right to relate to any woman of his choice.

Munyerei tried to reprimand Lennon from interfering with adult talk but she was given blows in the face and fell down. The court heard that Samuel then tied his defenceless wife’s hands while his son assaulted her.

Lennon also picked a pot and hit Munyerei before kicking her. Munyerei sustained a swollen face and damaged tooth before reporting the matter to the police. She was medically examined.