Man catches wife in bed with father,vows to rape mother as revenge

KENYA-A 47-year-old woman has been forced to flee her matrimonial home in Eshiamukoko village in Butere district, Kakamega County in fear after her 29-year-old biological son vowed to rape her.

James Malika, whose mental stability is yet to be established, has threatened to subject his mother, only identified as Sarah, to the heinous act as a way of exacting revenge on his 55-year-old father, surnamed Mbinji, after he caught him red handed in the act with his wife in a maize plantation.

In what might turn out to be a nasty tit-for-tat revenge, an enraged Malika has promised to make good his threat in a bid to not only teach his father a bitter lesson, but also to tame his alleged randy ways.

“I heard some funny noises emanating from the maize plantation while looking for my goat that had strayed. When I moved closer, I was shocked to find my father engaged in the act with my wife,” agonised Malika.

Interestingly, Malika, whose marriage had only lasted months, said he has all along known his father to be randy. He, however, never imagined he would be so shameless to the extent of seducing his wife and sleeping with her.

Shocked villagers expressed their disappointment, with some saying it is an abomination for a man to engage in such an obscene act with his daughter-in-law, however beautiful and tempting she may be.


“It was very unfortunate for the old man to do that. This is not only an abomination, but also an unimaginable disregard of taboo that will require the two to be cleansed in an elaborate ritual. Or get banished from here, lest they bring bad omen and curses to this village,” said Inzoi Lumbasi, an elderly neighbour.

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According to Lumbasi, Mbinji is in the habit of seducing and sleeping with women in the area, including other men’s wives and widows.

“It is not the first time he is doing it, he has been implicated in many other nasty sex scandals around here. The only difference now is that he went for his own daughter-in-law,” said Lumbasi.

Villagers feel if nothing drastic is done to Mbinji, the village should brace itself for more shameful acts. “What a shame! Surely, something radical has to be done for him to change,” further bemoaned Lumbasi.

Elders are contemplating conducting cleansing rituals to appease ancestors, following the embarrassing incident.

“We shall be forced to perform elaborate rituals, including slaughtering an unblemished black bull or else something bad could happen to this family,” said Cliffton Ndukwe, a local elder. “We must cleanse these individuals and bless this village or else we are all doomed,” added Ndukwe.

Meanwhile, Sarah, Mbinji, and the daughter-in-law have all deserted the home, leaving Malika by himself there.