Man in court for rubbing privates on female passenger in ZUPCO bus

One Even Dube (55) was left humiliated in a Zupco bus after Nothabo Moyo screamed and exposed him for allegedly rubbing his erect man_hoo_d on her b_ttocks and caressing her privates with his hands.

Dube and Moyo boarded the same bus and couldn’t get seats so they were squashed next to each other facing the same direction headed for the city centre.

Moyo, it is alleged, suddenly felt Dube’s er__ect man_h__ood rubbing her but___tocks but she tried to ignore it since the bus was full, leaving no space for one to freely move.

“He went on to caress the topof my priva__tes with his hand and I instantly rebuked him and asked what he was doing,” stated Moyo.

Dube reportedly apologised to Moyo who was already fuming at the old man.

Dube denied the charges of indecent assault in court and said he never saw Moyo in the bus on the day of the incident although he confirmed being in the bus going to town at that time.


He was remanded out of custody on $300 bail and is set to appear in court today.