Man Jailed 18 years For Killing In-law

A 28 year old man will spend the next 18 years in prison for axing his mother in-law to death after accusing her of practicing witchcraft, a High Court judge ruled Monday.

Umary Techu appeared in court together with three other accomplices, Bothwell Chikondo, Guardwell Chikondo and Juliet Maredza.

However Justice Francis Bere, who is on circuit in Masvingo, acquitted Guardwell and Juliet after the state failed to produce evidence to incriminate the two.

Techu and Bothwell were found guilty of murder with actual intent after prosecutor Elson Chavarika proved beyond reasonable doubt that the two killed Lillian Mhizha(age not given) by axing her on the head several times.

They were both sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The court heard that on 25 January 2013, Techu who was having problems with his wife over infertility issues visited his mother in law and accused her of using juju to make her daughter unable to have a child.


The court was told a misunderstanding ensured between the two resulting in Techu with the assistance of Bothwell assaulting Mhizha before they axed her to death.

During the hearing, the court heard that Techu killed his in- law with the blessings of his wife Monica Zuva who after the murder skipped the country to South Africa.