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Man walks out of marriage because wife fails to prepare bathing water for him

by reporter263
A WOMAN’S failure to prepare bathing water for her husband prompted him to walk out, the Matero Local Court heard.
Zambia Daily Mail reported that Anna Bwalya, 29 of Chipata township sued her husband Mathews Mukalakasa, 42 of the same township for marriage reconciliation after he deserted home claiming Bwalya was not a caring wife.
The court heard that the couple got married in 2008 and has two children. Bwalya and Mukalakasa has however been on separation for seven months and bride price was not paid.
The couple appeared before senior court magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Pauline Newa.
Bwalya explained that besides sleeping out, her husband would also find reasons to send her packing whenever they had a misunderstanding.
“I love my husband but he does not have regard for me. He freely speaks to his girlfriends on the phone without caring that I am present,” she said.
She told the court that things became worse when Mukalakasa started abusing her physically for returning home late from selling vegetables at the market.
But Mukalakasa told the court that his wife is short tempered and is in the habit of monitoring his movements.
“The problem with my wife is that she likes trailing me and inquiring from friends how I behave when I go drinking,” he said.
Passing judgment, court dismissed claim for marriage reconciliation because the two cannot get along.- Zambia Daily Mail

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