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Marry Chiwenga Refused To Hand Over Her Diplomatic Passport

by reporter263

The Vice President‘s wife Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa refused to hand over her diplomatic passport to ZACC a move that is now used against her in her freedom bid as prosecutors argue its an indication she wants to skip the country ZBC News reports.

According to the publication, in opposing bail the Prosecutor Michael Reza, pointed out the fact that Marry refused to hand over her passport to the investigation officer and used that as his basis to argue against bail when he said:

The amount externalised is in excess of a million US Dollars and the money laundered put together will amount to close to US$2 million and this is a substantive amount in any language. The accused is married to the Vice President and clearly, she has a very high standard of living and to move from an opulent house to a prison cell will make any reasonable person want to flee.

Marry is facing a number of charging including but not limited to attempted murder, money laundering and forgery.

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