Master KG is set to sue every Zimbabwean company which did the Jerusalema challenge

Another shocking day as companies worldwide that participated in Master KG’s record label sues companies that used the Jerusalema challenge or song for commercial purposes.

Jerusalema by Master KG ft. Nomcebo Zikode made waves internationally, with 343 million YouTube views, 155 mil Spotify streams, 12.8 million Audiomack streams, 1.2 billion total Tiktok views as at publishing.

Master KG’s record label sues companies that did the Jerusalema challenge

The Jerusalema challenge became a massive trend especially at the beginning of the lockdown. Soon companies caught on to the challenge and did their variations of the Jerusalema challenge. Hundreds of companies around the world having done the Jerusalema challenge, Warner Music under which Master KG is signed, is ready to collect their paper. While individuals and dance groups used the song in a social set up, companies used the song to boost their brands and to endorse their brands.


Master KG’s record label sues companies that did the Jerusalema challenge

The company is of the position that they did not license the song, Jerusalema, to be used in any commercial manner as such they are demanding license fees for the song.

Master KG’s record label sues companies that did the Jerusalema challenge
However, the company is not targeting everyone who did the Jerusalema challenge particularly individuals and groups that did the challenge for social reasons. The company is targeting comoanies that commercialised the challenge.

If “there is an advertising or image-promoting effect in favor of an institution, organization or company,” then the company is legible to pay license fees”.

With the illegal use of a song, artists lose out on income streams especially in a pandemic where artists are struggling to make ends meet. As such, Warner states that, “our job is to ensure that our artists receive fair compensation for using their music.”

Entertainment lawyer Dumisani Motsamai is heading up the case as Master KG seeks to collecr royalties. Mostamao highlighted that while lines may be blurred, with some companies it was no as much about the song but as ot was about the brand, brands that went well out of their way to make sure their brand is advertised.

He also highlights that there are two licenses that are triggered, the masters rights which belong to the record company and the composition rights whose royalties are given to Master KG and Nomcebo. Other issues such as where the video was flighted come into play, be it on commercial tv or social media.

German news magazine, Focus, stayes that the Ministry of the Interior of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has already settled the claims for the participating police departments in the state.