MDC-T Blasts ‘killer’ Mnangagwa
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MDC-T Blasts ‘killer’ Mnangagwa

THE opposition MDC-T party has hit out at vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, accusing him of threatening private companies and trying to instil fear among ordinary Zimbabweans.

“Emmerson Mnangagwa should be told in no uncertain terms that we do not fear him,” party spokesman Obert Gutu said in a statement at the weekend

“Recent remarks by Mnangagwa to the effect that ‘he was trained to kill’ are tantamount to a morbid, wicked  and nefarious attempt to instil fear not only in the hearts of the management of Tongaat Hulett and Bindura Nickel corporation but also in the hearts of all peace-loving Zimbabweans.”

Mnangagwa claimed, in an interview with the state media that Lowveld sugar producer Tongaat Hulett and lithium miner Bindura Minerals funded an attempt by former vice president Joice Mujuru to topple President Robert Mugabe.

“We are aware that Tongaat Hulett and lithium miner Bindura Minerals were sponsoring the botched attempt to topple President Mugabe through unscrupulous means. We are definitely going to deal with them,” said the Vice President.

But Gutu said Mnangagwa must “be brought to order”.

“While he might be boastful of his notorious history as a trained hit-man and assassin, he should be advised that the people of Zimbabwe are not going to be cowed into submission simply because of his wicked and weird threats.

“The people of Zimbabwe are a gallant and resilient lot who will never give in to the cowardly and dastardly threats being uttered against them by a man who is expected to behave and conduct himself in a decent and law-abiding manner both as a lawyer and also as the country’s first Vice-President.

“As the MDC, we strongly condemn the uttering of such crude and unlawful threatening statements by any individual; more so by a man who has a sordid and soiled history especially in regard to the Gukurahundi genocide.”

Gutu added: “Zimbabweans do not want to be ruled by a bloodthirsty and cruel cabal in the moribund Zanu PF party.

“As the country’s largest and most popular political party, the MDC calls upon Emmerson Mnangagwa and all other like-minded trigger-happy Zanu PF functionaries to appreciate that enough is enough.

“They cannot and indeed, they shouldn’t be allowed to continue to treat the people of Zimbabwe as a piece of trash.

“The time has now come for all patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabweans to call upon this Zanu PF cabal to stop behaving like a law unto themselves.”

A future MDC-T government would ensure that all perpetrators of rights abuses in the country are made to account for their actions.

“The time will soon come when all perpetrators of gross human rights abuses will be brought to book.  They will soon face the music,” said the MDC-T spokesman.

“Today, these rogues and political thugs might appear strong and invincible like the biblical Goliath but it’s just a matter of time before the tables are turned against this criminal and corrupt cabal. Zimbabweans do not deserve to be treated with this type of Stone Age savagery and cruel contempt.

“We all know that this Zanu PF cabal has been instrumental in rigging elections and ensuring that Robert Mugabe continues to rule the country although the people of Zimbabwe have long since rejected the nonagenarian dictator at the ballot box. History is on our side and we all know that the darkest hour is just before dawn.

“The day of reckoning is fast approaching and a New Zimbabwe free from Zanu PF tyranny and corruption is on the horizon. The people of Zimbabwe will soon be marching to victory. That’s for sure!”


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