MDC-T dismisses link to Zanu PF dogfight

The MDC outrightly dismisses the attempt by the State-controlled media to link us to one of the factions involved in the vicious dogfight  to succeed the 90-year old Robert Mugabe.gutu

In its issue of Thursday, November 20, 2014 The Herald leads with a false and malicious story that gives the impression that the MDC is in talks with the Zanu PF faction  led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and that a deal had been agreed upon in terms of which President Morgan Tsvangirai will have a junior role in a unity government.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are a popular political party that is ready to govern on its own and we take this opportunity to reiterate that we have absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing vicious factional fighting taking place in Zanu PF.

In its desperation, Zanu PF has sought to rope us into their factional circus in order to divert attention away from more pressing national issues such as the collapsing economy as well as the collapsing health delivery system.

The MDC recently held a historic and hugely successful 4th Congress that came up with far reaching resolutions aimed at strengthening the party structures as well as refocusing and re-energising our institutional framework.  We are ready to form the next government  that is capable of rescuing Zimbabwe from the prevailing  socio economic trepidation and suffering solely caused by years of Zanu PF misrule, corruption and misgovernance.


As such, the MDC does not need to work in conjunction with any Zanu PF faction  in order to save the country from the prevailing unprecedented human suffering.

Our 4th Congress resolutions speak to the creation of a big tent under which all patriotic Zimbabweans are welcome to participate in creating a new Zimbabwe. We have absolutely no intention of abandoning our big tent and subordinating ourselves and our leaders to other political parties, let alone to factions of withering political parties.

In the spirit of the new thrust of the party, the MDC will today kick-start training and induction programmes for the leadership of all the party’s 12 provinces. We are recreating our party into a formidable unit that will certainly be well positioned to resoundingly win the next elections, whenever they will be held.

We are not party to the on-going circus in Zanu PF and we are poised to exclusively form the next government.

Together to the end.

Obert Gutu