by Obert Gutu

This is a statement from the MDC-T party on President Robert Mugabe’s comments about the Kalanga people of Matebeleland South.gutu

THE MDC notes with disgust the highly misguided, tribalist and inflammatory utterances by President Robert Mugabe at the on-going SADC summit, singling out Kalangas and others from Matebeleland South as “uneducated” and not qualified for jobs in South Africa.

That Mugabe, who is also the chairman of SADC, would seek to attribute the xenophobic disturbances in South Africa to a group of victims of his misrule is most unfortunate and highly misplaced.

What is most shocking is the recklessness and tribal undertones laced in the ill-conceived utterances. The MDC takes great exception at the ill-timed and unsolicited statement coming as it does at such an important forum of heads of state.

Mugabe’s posturing and misguided sentiments boarders on advanced levels of senility and insanity for a person occupying such an important brief on the regional body.

The irresponsible utterances by Mugabe reflect badly on the Zimbabwean body politic, SADC, and entire African Union to which he presides over. Mugabe’s foul sentiments are not only divisive but also xenophobic at worst.

The nonagenarian must immediately apologise to Zimbabwe at large. We call upon every right thinking citizen and regional groupings to condemn in the strongest terms the wayward demeanour of Mugabe.

It has become very clear that Mugabe’s politics has become archaic and irrelevant to modern dictates of world political order.

We therefore call upon Mugabe to do the noble thing and resign first as the chairperson of the two regional bodies and also as the president of this country as he no-longer has the gravitas and requisite capacity to take these important institutions to the next level.