Meet The South African Girl Carrying Grace Mugabe’s Grandchild


Grace Mugabe’s son, Russell impregnated and dumped a South African student.

Russell fell in love with Dineo Gwendoline Kekana, 22, in 2016. She then fell pregnant in July and when she broke the news to Russell, he started “playing hide-and-seek games” and was no longer responding to her calls.

“My name is Dineo Kekana, I am South African. I am pregnant with Russell Goreraza’s child. We started seeing each other in December last year, 2016. I fell pregnant in July this year,” Kekana was quoted as saying.

She said that at one-point Goreraza advised her to abort the pregnancy “since he could not be held accountable by virtue of being a foreigner”. Russell boasted that he was “untouchable” as he “doesn’t live in South Africa, isn’t a citizen and might actually never return [to South Africa]”.