Meet the Zimbabwean who suggested Microsoft Windows to Bill Gates


Back in 1985 IBM (those computer makers) and Microsoft entered into an agreement to jointly co-develop an operating system called ‘OS/2′ (OS stands for Operating System).

It would take two years for this operating system to be developed and released in December 1987.

During this period, one Paul Maritz, would join Microsoft.

It is said that he would later suggest to Microsoft to continue to develop their own operating system and desist from engaging IBM. In 1990 Microsoft cut ties with IBM and releasedWindows 3.0.

Paul Maritz, VMWare CEO, Pi Corporation, Pivatol


(Image Credit: Robert Scoble)

Microsoft would go on to sell billions of dollars worth of the operating system.

Paul Maritz later resigned from Microsoft in 2000 and found his own company, Pi Corporationthat got bought bought by EMC. In recognision of his efforts to the computing world, Business Journal accorded him the Executive of the Year award for 2011.

We take our hats off to him, for the contribution that he has made to the computing industry and the world at large and most importantly for making us proud to be Zimbo!

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