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Mhofela’s Selfies With 70 Girlfriends Go Viral

by reporter263

AN unidentified Bindura has become an overnight celebrity after his romantic pictures, with more than 70 women, have been circulating in the mining town for the past few days.


The man, only identified as Mhofela, is believed to have separated from his wife after she stumbled upon more than 70 raunchy pictures of different women, on his mobile phone.

HarareLive has so far seen eight of the pictures in which Mhofela was seemingly showing off the women.

“Blaz vakapenga zvavo ivavo,” said one Bindura resident.


NdiMhofela mutunga dzose and he can’t let any woman go without having a ‘selfie’ moment after having quality time with her.”

Reports claim Mhofela has been involved with multiple women, including others who didn’t take selfies with him.

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