Michael Jackson romped with prostitutes

Michael Jackson fell in love with his 12-year-old goddaughter and wanted to marry her, according to his former physician.

Dr Conrad Murray said the pop star was obsessed with his friend Mark Lester’s daughter Harriet.

‘Michael fell in love with Harriet when she was roughly five years old. Then, by age 12, he grew to become fixated on her,’according to his new book.

Jackson allegedly wanted the doctor to go and discuss marriage with her father in 2009 on his behalf.

The revelations were part of Dr Murray’s new book he wrote after being released from jail following his involuntary manslaughter conviction over Jackson’s death in 2011.

He also alleged the King of Pop wanted to marry Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 11 at the time, as a second choice and had a cardboard cut-out of her.


Further allegations in the book include Jackson dressing up as a clown to avoid detection as he slept with prostitutes.

Dr Murray said the star, who died after overdosing on prescription medicine in 2009, would also pretend to be disabled.

‘I once wore scrubs and Michael walked with a limp, pretending to be a stroke victim. He was drooling on one side of his mouth,’ he added.

There was no suggestion in the book entitled ‘This Is It laying bare grim details from the King of Pop’s life’ that Jackson ever acted on his alleged infatuation.

Dr Murray would not say if he thought Jackson was dangerous to children but added the singer had wanted him to ‘set the record straight’.

The doctor who killed Michael Jackson says he wanted to marry Emma Watson
Jackson also allegedly wanted to marry Emma Watson (Picture: Getty Images)-UKMETRO