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The Miracle Money Phenomenon Follows Prophet Angel

by reporter263

Weeks after Prophet Uebert Angel, Mesmerised Welkom, with Good News and miracle money. There was a lot of money flying around along the free way near Welkom. This is not the first time that such a miracle has happened last year in February money rained in the streets of Dubai, and Uebert Angel had been in those cities. Prophet Uebert Angel who has been described by some as a prosperity preacher is also described by other commentators as the man that ‘poverty forgot’.

Miracle Money

Angel who is a proponent of prosperity, teaches and preaches the gospel of Good News. He has been empowering the thousands that follow him with business ideas and educating thousands across the world awaking them to a realisation that poverty is a demon and it is not of God. Angel has been at the forefront of championing the message that Christians have a duty to be rich. He has debunked the long held view that true Christians were pious and humble and displayed no wealth at all.

Prophet Angel initiated the miracle money phenomenon, shocking even the very religious who questioned the power of such miracles. However, the very nature of a miracle is such as can not be explained, it is true that spiritual things and happenings that can not be explained are called miracles. The fact that we can not explain these things we classify them or categories them as miracles. The miracle, of money appearing or as it is now known ‘Miracle Money’ was first performed in Botswana. Uebert Angel, has since repeated this miracle several times in different locations around the world. Angel declared that God wanted to prove that everything was possible “in the name of Jesus.”

The ‘Good News Man’, Prophet Uebert Angel continues to spread the Good News Revolution across the world.


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