Mixed feelings over Miss World Zim winner

The Miss World Zimbabwe Contest which took place at the weekend might have come and gone, but the pageant has left its own imprints on many people’s minds.

Newly-crowned Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Katanga Kachote, flanked by first princess Ann-Grace Mutambu (left) and second princess Chengetai Kanonhuwa
Newly-crowned Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Katanga Kachote, flanked by first princess Ann-Grace Mutambu (left) and second princess Chengetai Kanonhuwa

Immediately after Emily Kachote was announced as the winner at the prestigious show, divided opinion manifested on social media as some fans congratulated her while other people declared her crowning a non-event.

One CST Thomas Chizhanje posted his verdict on the newly crowned queen.

“Ndiye Miss World Zim wacho? Haya. . . chete mawonero anosiyana. I don’t have anything against her but, Ndiye achanokwikwikwidza ku Miss world tichifunga anohwina? Maybe kana takutaura zvefaith. Coz maziso angu enyama akuita kakundirambira like. All the same Congrats hey.”

He later posted a picture of newly crowned Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie on his wall comparing her with Emily.

This generated a heated debate with some fans blasting Chizhanje for not supporting the newly crowned queen rather supporting other country’s girls while others supported his stance.

UK based former model and entreprenuer Lorraine Chinouriri saw things differently.

“For real, I am yet to see one who matches her in looks, she is in a league of her own and modelling wise she has amazing potential. Why not give her the chance,” she replied.

Mercy Mushaninga of ZimGossip Models said, she has what it takes to represent Zimbabwe.

“When it comes to modelling issues I don’t argue. I give facts. Emily is the best to be crowned Miss World Zimbabwe 2015. Lets give her all the support as Zimbabweans.?#?NO? ***phobia# ,” she posted.

Former Miss Zimbabwe Malaika Mushandu who was at the event said she is firmly in Emily’s corner.

“I believe in her and also support her,” she said.

Admire Sithole of Sunningdale said she was not the best of the crop.

“I feel the First Princess and other girls could have easily outshone her (Emily) but I think the problem was the judges. But anyway, we should accept the outcome, because as they say, the judges’ decision is final,” he said.

Despite the mixed feelings, the vivacious model put up a stunning performance as she appeared in her various outfits that drew squeals, wows, cat-calls and cheers from the capacity crowd.

The model should be given her chance to prove her mettle not only as a beauty but also a social advocate since she is endowed with the brains, being a finance advisor with Old Mutual.

It is hoped that her tenure will make a huge difference in the lives of many Zimbabweans. Will she follow in the footsteps of Angeline Musasiwa and Malaika Mushandu among others or those who dislike her will celebrate her downfall.

Ironically pageant fronts-woman Marry Chiwenga recently said that the Miss World pageant is against black women so the local girls have no chance there at all.

Sounds like a warning that the country should not expect much from their representative, whoever she may be. This left many people wondering why we even bother take part if that is the position.