Mliswa a murderer and rapist:Chiyangwa

ZANU PF politician and businessman, Philip Chiyangwa, has said Temba Mliswa is no saint having brutalized the white former owners of the farm he now occupies in addition to “raping and killing” MDC supporters.mliswa-in-custody

Chiyangwa was responding to Mliswa’s charge that he, along with President Robert Mugabe and local government minister Ignatius Chombo, must face justice at Netherlands-based International Criminal Court (ICC) which is commonly known as The Hague.

Kicked out of Zanu PF over allegations he was part of a plot to illegally topple Mugabe, Mliswa is now fighting to reclaim Hurungwe West as an independent in elections scheduled for June 10.

A former chairman for the ruling party in Mashonaland West, Mliswa claims Zanu PF is brutalizing his supporters, blaming Chiyangwa and Chombo in particular.

“Chombo, Chiyangwa must equally be tried (at The Hague). They have terrorized villagers and the evidence is there,’’ said Mliswa earlier this month.

But Chiyangwa hit back Thursday saying it was Mliswa who should be dragged before the ICC.

In an interview with, Chiyangwa said Mliswa led a violent campaign against white farmers in the province adding the owners of the farm the latter now occupies were lucky to survive the campaign.

‘’He (Mliswa) brutally assaulted the former owners of the farm he occupied. Thanks to the Avenues Clinics (they survived); they could have died. His hands are full of blood,” fumed Chiyangwa.

He added that while still a member of the ruling party, Mliswa brutalized Zanu PF opponents in the province.

“That guy is desperate for publicity. He is going around saying Chombo, Chiyangwa navaMugabe (President Robert Mugabe) must go to The Hague for what?

“He is the one who must be prosecuted for raping and killing people in Mashonaland Central including Gandawa. We have enough evidence to prove this, including photos,” said Chiyangwa.

Mliswa apologized for his involvement in Zanu PF violence at a recent press conference.

“I regret and I am sorry for having been part of a violent system. We were part of a system that believed in violence. I apologize for having been part of the gang,’’ he said.

Mliswa is battling Keith Guzha of Zanu PF candidate in the Hurungwe West by-election.Newzimbabwe