Mnangagwa Led Zanu-PF To Meet Gays and Lesbians In Zimbabwe

Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu said that the party will be meeting with election observers from GALZ (Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe).

Samba Chesterfield, Director of Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe
Samba Chesterfield, Director of Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe, prepares to hoist their offical flag alongside the Zimbabwean flag during belated comemoration of International Day against Xenophobia and Transphobia in Harare, Saturday, May, 19, 2012.Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has often called on for the Gays and Lesbians to be punished for their behaviour which he said was worse than pigs and dogs.The Gay Community officially erected a rainbow flag alongside the Zimbabwean flag at their premises calling it a symbol of hope for the Future(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Mpofu said this after meeting with a Commonwealth delegation which is in Zimbabwe to assess the country’s eligibility to rejoin the Commonwealth. He said Zanu-PF will meet with election observers from GALZ. Said Mpofu:

Yesterday (Monday) we met the National Democratic Institute and the International Research Institute from Ireland. We also have requests from observers like GALZ (Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe) and we will be meeting them soon to hear their issues as well. We will also meet National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO).

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