Zimbabwe MPs sit on Parliament floor in solidarity with trafficked women

Zimbabwe Parliamentarians staged a sit in during Tuesday’s Parliament session, in protest against Governments lack of action in expeditiously bringing back the rest of women who were trafficked to Kuwait.

toko thoko

The situation in Kuwait is so dire that the cash strapped Zimbabwe embassy there faces closure, further compounding the situation for the women trafficked there, who are now stranded, with no solution in sight.

The issue of the 200 hundred women who were trafficked to Kuwait hit the headlines, last March after a Zimbabwean court in the capital Harare, found that former diplomat Ahmed Al-Jeeran was the ring-leader of the trafficking ring, and that he had used his status and power to lure the women, with the help of one of his secretaries, Brenda Avril May.

Human trafficking is a modern day slave trade as it involves moving a person or people from one place to another, often to a far away place for purposes  of enslaving them, putting them into inevitable prostitution, domestic servitude or even begging, among some of the vices.

Zimbabwean women have now fallen victim because of the socio-political situation in the country. After interventions by a parliamentary delegation led by National Assembly Speaker Advocate Jacob Mudenda and chairperson of the portfolio committee on Foreign Affairs Kindness Paradza 32 traumatised human trafficking victims landed at Harare international airport last Friday evening from Kuwait. The emotional women were repatriated back home courtesy also of Young women Christian Association.