Mugabe admits ignorance on what’s happening in the conservancies

President Robert Mugabe has admitted for the first time that he does not know what is taking place in the conservancies dotted around the country.Addressing the Central committee ahead of the Zanu PF congress which kicks off tomorrow in Harare, Mugabe said government has little or no information at all concerning activities in the conservancies.
“We don’t know what is happening in the conservancies around the country. Americans just fly in and out without our knowledge,” Mugabe said.
“This congress should provide an opportunity for introspection, re-evaluation and plan activities as leaders of the party and government.”
Mugabe’s utterance come at a time when his Zanu PF politburo booted out top army officials and Masvingo party heavyweights from the money-spinning safari landholdings in the prized Save Valley Conservancy [SVC] for double-dipping early last year.
SVC, established in 1991 in Masvingo, is the largest private wildlife sanctuary in the world.
The explosive special politburo meeting chaired by P Mugabe resolved to remove all resettled farmers from properties protected under the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas), among them Sango, Sabi, Chishakwe, Masapasi, Makore, Gunundwe and Chamurwe ranches.
The properties were reportedly owned by German, Danish, Dutch and South African nationals.
All gazetted land under the SVC besides properties under Bippas, will now become Parks estates expanding the territory under the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), which currently controls almost 20% of the country’s tota land area.