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Mugabe birthday “like that of Christ” -report

by reporter263

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has marked his 92nd birthday with lavish celebrations in the country, despite Zimbabwe being caught in an extreme drought.

The world’s oldest head of power, who has been in control for 36 years, had broadcasts dedicated to him as well as a special 16-page supplement in the state-run Sunday Mail.

Posters around the nation, promoting the special edition, proclaimed “Mugabe’s birthday is like that of Jesus Christ.”

Public celebrations will be held on Saturday for the Zimbabwean leader.


Robert Mugabe’s birthday has been publically celebrated since 1986, and although the budget for this year is not known, previous parities have cost up to £695,000 for food and accommodation for thousands of guests.


Zimbabwe is in the grip of a severe drought and more than three million people are reliant on food aid.

The president says that the party will go ahead as planned.-PCR

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