Mugabe can’t censure his concubine Oppah

by Staff Reporter

Oppah Muchinguri
Oppah Muchinguri

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will not be able to take any action against ZANU-PF secretary for transport, Oppah Muchinguri, who a fortnight ago, shocked members of the Politburo when she walked out on the veteran ruler when he started dressing her down, as the aged strongman has a soft spot for his former concubine.
For more than two weeks now, ZANU-PF members have been waiting for Mugabe to at least censure Muchinguri for her unbecoming behavior towards him but nothing has happened, confirming reports that Mugabe still has a weakness for her, even though both of them are now officially married.
Muchinguri, who is at the centre of a scandal involving a leaked audio tape in which she was recorded allegedly scheming against her political opponents in her home province of Manicaland literally gave Mugabe the middle figure when she walked away while Mugabe was in the process of undressing her.
During a Politburo meeting of July 15, Mugabe launched an indirect verbal assault on Muchinguri—then freshly moved from the Higher and Tertiary and Tertiary ministry to the Water and Climate Change portfolio—going to the extent of telling her to vacate her party and government positions if she was not happy with them.
Even though Mugabe did not mention Muchinguri by name, it was obvious to her Politburo colleagues who the broadside was directed at.
It was at this stage that a visibly angry Muchinguri simply stood up and walked out of the meeting without even asking for permission—as per custom—from Mugabe who was chairing the meeting, only to return when the meeting was winding up more than five hours later.
Muchinguri worked as Mugabe’s private secretary during his time as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and it was widely understood that she was one of Mugabe’s many concubines, the list of which include the now First Lady Grace Mugabe, with whom Muchinguri still do not really see eye-to-eye.
It is rumoured that Mugabe could be the father to Muchinguri’s daughter, Tanyaradzwa.
During the war of liberation Muchinguri was part of the late ZANLA commander Josiah Tongogara’s impressive collection of concubines and after independence Mugabe—who has admitted having challenges courting women—“inherited” her.