Mugabe family’s closet, skeletons are tumbling as Mnangagwa promises to take back 23 farms

It has now been confirmed that Mugabe and his family grabbed a staggering 23 farms in the rich farming areas of Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland West from both their black and white owners and all in the short space of two years in the mid 2000s.

These details come after President Emmerson Mnangagwa also revealed earlier this year that Mugabe’s erratic widow Grace was a multiple farm owner – with Zanu PF party youths threatening to strip her of the land at the time.

The Daily News has in its possession the full list of farms and their sizes that the Mugabes grabbed in Mazowe, Banket and around Harare between 2004 and 2006. And it makes for staggering reading.

All the farms were registered in the names of their children Bona, Robert Junior and Chatunga — who were minors at the time the land was grabbed — as well as in the names of the family’s companies and their proxies.

The Mugabes also often grabbed farms adjacent to each other, before consolidating them into one – to mask their greed and multiple land ownership.


The present-day Smithfield Farm, 1 300 hectares, in Mazowe is a combination of five farms – namely the initial Smithfield Farm, Willow Plot, Lemon Pool, Lot 5 of Yarrowdale and Mazowe Junction. The offer letter for this farm is in the name of the Grace Mugabe Foundation

Iron Mask Farm, 1 399.6 hectares, was consolidated from three farms – namely B of Greater B, Remainder of Iron Mask and a portion of Irene Estate. The handover letter is in the name of Grace Mugabe’s Children Home.  

Grace Mugabe is currently locked in a legal tussle for the control of Teviotdale Farm in Pomona, in Harare, which measures a total of 310 hectares. The Mugabes have a handover letter for the farm which is in the name of their company called Kaseplan Grand Industries.

The Mugabes’ famous Gushungo Dairy in Mazowe was once called Folye Farm.

Mugabe used his own resources in 1980 to acquire Highfield Farm just outside Norton, and close to his Zvimba rural home, he later kicked out his neighbours and forcefully took over four adjacent farms – Tankatara, Cressydale, John O Groats and Clifford.

Just outside Harare, near Westgate, the Mugabes have another farm known as Mwenewazvo, ostensibly named after Grace’s totem.

Apart from the land in Westgate, the Mugabes also have two farms in Banket, as well as in Hatcliffe.

The Mugabes owns Manzou Farm, Surtic Ranch, Arnolds Farm, Maggiesdale Farm and Glenbervile – an expanse of land measuring more than 16 000 hectares.

Source – dailynews