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Mugabe Files For Divorce

by reporter263

A HARARE couple, Kudzai Florence Mugabe (nee Ziwa) and Geoffrey Takudzwa Mugabe, are set to part ways, seven years into their marriage, after the couple’s love and affection for each other hit a hard-rock.


Through her lawyers, Zimbabwe Women Lawyers’ Association (ZWLA), Kudzai filed summons for divorce against Geoffrey at the High Court on November 24 this year, claiming the couple’s marriage had irretrievably broken down with no signs of reconciliation.

According to the court papers, the couple was married under the unregistered customary law union in early 2010 and subsequently the marriage was solemnised on August 28, 2010.

“The marriage relationship of the parties has irretrievably broken down to the extent that there are no reasonable prospects for its restoration into a normal marriage relationship, more particularly in that the defendant (Geoffrey) has been violent and abusive towards the plaintiff (Kudzai),” ZWLA said.

“The defendant is in the habit of disappearing for days without communication. As such, the plaintiff is now resentful towards the defendant. Due to the foregoing, the plaintiff has lost all love and affection for the defendant and as a result is approaching this court for a decree for a divorce. The parties’ marriage was blessed with one minor child.”


In the declaration, Kudzai’s lawyers said it would be in the minor child’s best interests that upon the parents divorce, custody should be awarded to their client, with the father being granted reasonable access, adding their client was not interested in claiming maintenance for the child.

“Plaintiff does not wish to claim maintenance for herself or the minor child. The parties to retain the property they each possess,” the lawyers said.

Geoffrey is yet to respond to the summons.-NEWSDAY

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