Mugabe Threatens Judges

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Friday warned the judiciary to keep away from presiding over his row with former party administration supremo Didymus Mutasa, declaring he would question the qualifications of any judge who would accept to hear the case.

Mutasa took Mugabe and Zanu PF to court over what he claims was an unconstitutional congress as well as “un-procedural” expulsion from the ruling party.

But Mugabe hit back, arguing his party’s issues were above the law and could not be subjected to the country’s courts.

Regai kumboita hanya neavo vanoti tinonoman’arira party…ndiani akamboti policy yeparty, yebumbiro reparty rinotibatanidza ibumbiro renyika (who said the party constitution that binds us is the same as the country’s constitution?,” the Zimbabwean strongman asked rhetorically.

He urged Mutasa to follow the party’s disciplinary procedures if he feels aggrieved.

Mugabe added; “We would want to see which magistrate would sit to hear that case. Then we will question their educational qualifications.”


The Zanu PF leader was addressing hundreds of supporters in the Midlands during the unveiling equipment at African Chrome Fields (ACF) which is meant to beneficiate ore to ferrochrome.

Two weeks ago Mugabe during an interview with State television to mark his 91st birthday issued another warning that he would want to see the judge who would agree to hear “that kind of nonsense”.

Mutasa, with support from another expelled party heavyweight Rugare Gumbo, launched a court bid to overturn the ruling party’s December congress.

In their heads of arguments the two liberation war veterans indicated they had delayed launching the application because lawyers had “been intimidated into refusing to represent us”.

Opposition parties have criticised Mugabe for his threats against the judiciary but the veteran leader remains unfazed.

On the other hand Mutasa, a former State intelligence minister, has thumped his nose at Mugabe and the State machinery, setting the stage for a bruising political and legal battle.